Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011 Teacher's Meeting

If your new year's resolution was to attend more teacher's meetings, we have good news for you. The first meeting of the year will be this Wednesday, January the 5th. Meeting time at 6:00 in Ann Barkley's classroom. See you there.

Monday, September 6, 2010

September's Teachers Meeting

Bro. Bobby shared 10 points on how we can provide life-changing bible study to our class each week. For those of you unable to make it, I have provided a brief recap below. Hope to see you again next month.

1. Understand and acknowledge that the HOLY SPIRIT is the true teacher.
2. Be an example of STUDY, prayer, evangelism and PERSONAL GODLINESS.
3. Never forget
You teach PEOPLE
You teach the BIBLE
Teaching is a COVENANT
4. Pray daily for members, prospects, other teachers and yourself.
5. Begin preparing EARLY in the week.
6. Prepare a teaching plan that includes an understanding of learner's NEEDS and LEARNING STYLES
7. Greet each MEMBER and GUEST in a warm, friendly manner.
8. Actively INVOLVE learners in the Bible study sessions.
9. Train to continually sharpen and improve knowledge and skills
10. Evaluate where learners are SPIRITUALLY and teach to help them BECOME and GROW as disciples

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Important Announcement

It is fall and you know what time it is? ......Besides football......Besides leaves changing colors.

It is time for the monthly Sunday School Teachers Meeting!!!!! Kickoff (sorry, another football reference) is this Wednesday, September 1st. We will be meeting at 6:00 upstairs in the FLC as usual. We will have a time of devotion, sharing and learning how to become an even better Sunday School teacher. Who knows, you may even walk away with a fabulous door prize.

All kidding aside, we hope to see you there and feel free to bring some potential leaders from your class along with you. This is just another great opportunity to learn new things and become better at sharing God's word with your class. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday School University

I know as teachers we know it all (ha ha), but occasionally a good opportunity comes our way to broaden our horizons and knowledge. The Tennessee Baptist Convention is offering Sunday School University at Grace Baptist Church on 8/26 from 6:30-9:00. Take a look at the link to see all the class offerings and see how God can bless you and make you an even better teacher!

You will be seeing more info/signs about the event in the days to come from the Sunday School Leadership Team, but be in prayer on your attendance, God taking all obstacles away and the classes you will attend. Child care and transportation will be available if needed. Let us know (JC, Debbie Ramage or JoAnn Armour) if you have any questions or need anything.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Class Social Idea

Straight from the great minds of Bobby Webb and Matt Megginson, the FLC is open on Friday evenings during the summer months for class socials. The FLC summer schedule for Fridays will close the facility at 5:30 so why not schedule a class social and use the facility? The price is FREE!! So is the fellowship!! And if you need babysitting, lock them in the gym!!!! Okay, that was my joke, not Bobby/Matt.

We are blessed to have a great facility, so think about using it for your upcoming class get together. If you are interested give Matt a call at church or email him at